[Advaita-l] Whom did Shankara consider a Guru?

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> Just so that some don't misunderstand, let me clarify that Bhagavan
>> Sridhara Swamiji was initiated into Advaita sampradAya sannyAsa in
>> Shigehalli, Sirsi, by Swami Shivananda of Shigehalli maTha. He didn't take
>> this or any pITha offered.
> I mentioned about the daśanāmi name because the website says that his
> pre-monastic name was also Shreedhara...Normally the monastic name will be
> different with some additional 'Ananda', etc.

As I said I clarified only so that others don't end up thinking that he
wasn't a sannyAsi. He was a sampradAya sannyAsi but as you say his name
continued without the dashanAmi sannyAsa name like Bhagavatpada's did.

> The earlier Sringeri Jagadguru was visited by him.
>> >
>> And vice versa, if not the other way around. HH Abhinava Vidyatirtha
>> Swamiji had broken his journey at Delhi to meet Bhagavan Sridhara Swamiji
>> who was then there and he offered the Sringeri pITha.
> Is it possible for you to give the approximate year of this?
I'm sorry, I don't recall if the date was mentioned in the Shridhara
Swamiji's charita which has this information. I currently don't have the
book to look it up.

> In Sringeri the practice followed is that the reigning Head will himself
> give sannyasa to the successor designate.  Someone who is already a
> sannyasin will not be a candidate for consideration. The present Jagadguru
> Sri Bharati Tirtha Swamiji was given sannyasa by the then Jagadguru in 1974
> after some eight years of study in Sringeri.

> http://www.sringeri.net/jagadgurus/sri-bharati-tirtha-
> mahaswamiji/biography-of-sri-bharati-tirtha-mahaswamiji
> There are other considerations like the person to be selected for the
> pīṭham will have to be from Yajurveda śākhā.
I know these rules of Sringeri maTha, but it may have been an exceptional
case, if that. There are some other things I would like to mention but I
will take it offline with you. Thanks.

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