[Advaita-l] Whom did Shankara consider a Guru?

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> > I also wish to point to two other cases here.  There was a great saint by
> > name Sridhara Swami in Sagar, Karnataka. He is extremely popular in those
> > parts.  His life and teachings are worth studying. He was not a sannyasi
> > with any daśanāmi name.
> Just so that some don't misunderstand, let me clarify that Bhagavan
> Sridhara Swamiji was initiated into Advaita sampradAya sannyAsa in
> Shigehalli, Sirsi, by Swami Shivananda of Shigehalli maTha. He didn't take
> this or any pITha offered.

Thanks for your response.  I mentioned about the daśanāmi name because the
website says that his pre-monastic name was also Shreedhara...Normally the
monastic name will be different with some additional 'Ananda', etc. like
for example, Shivananda who you mention above.

> The earlier Sringeri Jagadguru was visited by him.
> >
> And vice versa, if not the other way around. HH Abhinava Vidyatirtha
> Swamiji had broken his journey at Delhi to meet Bhagavan Sridhara Swamiji
> who was then there and he offered the Sringeri pITha.
Is it possible for you to give the approximate year of this? In Sringeri
the practice followed is that the reigning Head will himself give sannyasa
to the successor designate.  Someone who is already a sannyasin will not be
a candidate for consideration. The present Jagadguru Sri Bharati Tirtha
Swamiji was given sannyasa by the then Jagadguru in 1974 after some eight
years of study in Sringeri.


There are other considerations like the person to be selected for the
pīṭham will have to be from Yajurveda śākhā.


> gurushridharArpaNamastu,
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