[Advaita-l] Ramana Maharshi - Advaitin or Neo Advaitin?

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To be able to disregard such blatant untruths about oneself as of no consequence - that is just amazing.
I want that kind of vairaagya! 
My goodness, what an example Sri Ramana has set!!!


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> praNAms,
> I do not know whether the OP will take my comments :), but nevertheless,
> will post them,
> In order to study works of Ramana Maharshi, you need to be his 'Fan'. You
> need not visit his Ashram. Ramakrishna and Ramana Mahrshi has great
> influence on my sAdhanA, but I have never visited Dakshnineshwar or
> Arunachala. I have never interacted with Monks of Ramakrishna Order.
> However if after one had concluded that Ramana Maharshi's teachings are not
> to be followed after studying his works, then it is a personal opinion.
> Matter Ends here.
> As said, Ramana Maharshi was not an AchArya, but a GYAnI. In my limited
> reading of his discourses, he has never said anyone to discontinue karma
> kANDa. He only focused on Self Enquiry. vedAnta too rejects karma kANDa and
> asks one to practice neti-neti. Adi Sankara himself didn't do nay kind of
> vedic yajna-s, not to my knowledge. But he himself didnt asked all of the
> masses to reject them. He made only 4 disciples, not more. To give a
> concession, add one of Kanchi matha. Still it is just 5, even after
> traveling length and breadth of India.
> Saints and Mystics have many qualities that are worth appreciating, but one
> quality shine brightest amongst others. In case of Sri Ramana Maharshi it
> was his dispassion. He never cared for his body. When someone brought his
> biography for correction / proof reading, he simply corrected spelling
> mistakes. Some biographies claimed that Maharshi was married and had
> children. Even when someone presented translation of his works namely
> satdarshan, he would simply make spelling corrections. When one of his
> devotee asked him about his behavior and pointed out the flaws in
> translations that were approved by him, Maharshi simply replied, everyone
> interprets words as per their own understanding. The devotee then humbly
> requested Maharshi to check the validity of contents. Maharshi replied,
> till now, this is the best translation so far I have seen. Maharshi was
> never worried about what others think of him. He only answered to those who
> asked questions. Silence is also a way of answering. Infact one of the most
> potent, as preached by bhagavAn dakshinamurtI.
> Once Ramana Maharshi came to know that some of sevaka-s started charging
> money to have darshan of Maharshi. At once he started walking without
> giving any explanation and began to sit at another place. Those charging
> money argued that the land belonged to them. Maharshi didnt reply back. He
> simply changed his location. After realising what they have done, they
> prayed to Maharshi to come back and assured that they will not charge
> anyone to have his darshan, Maharshi came back.
> He developed cancer, but didnt care to go to doctor. Some of his doctor
> devotees forced him to undergo operation. Maharshi initially declined and
> warned that after the operation problem will increase. Doctors still
> pressed Maharshi to undergo operation (of his hand). Maharshi agreed but
> asked them not to use anesthesia. Surprisingly, the problem aggregated
> after operation.
> What I mean to say that in case of Ramana Maharshi, his teachings are best
> to read then judge actions and interpretations of others. Most info I gave
> is either from any of his biographies or from net, probably from David
> Godman's blog.
> Maharshi never left Arunachala for preaching. He didnt care if someone knew
> him or not.
> Likewise, by seeing an Idol of Lord Buddha, one is immediately filled with
> compassion. This quality shone bright in him.
> Reading works of traditional acharyas is very good. However even vedAnta is
> not for everybody. Only after having achieved sufficient inner purity, one
> can actually in practice apply advaita. Advaita sits on top of karma kANda
> / smArta dharma. It is not a complete system in itself, but a part of
> sanAtana dharma, which raises consciousness to the highest possible level
> and free one from cycle of birth and death. This is the reason why in
> almost all prakaraNa grantha-s pre-qualifications are mentioned.
> OM
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