[Advaita-l] Ramana Maharshi - Advaitin or Neo Advaitin?

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> The other reason why it may be perceived as vague is as follows.
> Traditionally a guru in Vedanta is described as a shrotriya brahmanishTha -
> that is he is well versed in the scriptures and  whose identity is firmly
> rooted in the self. Typically where the latter qualification is present and
> the former is absent, the teacher while having gained the self  knowledge
> in some fashion, lacks the communication tools prescribed in shAstra to
> teach it. The statements of such a guru appear mystical to a student new to
> Vedanta. Ramana Maharshi not having studied Vedanta under a guru would fall
> into this category - assuming we provisionally accept he is a jnAni for the
> sake of argument. However, to a student who has studied Vedanta in the
> traditional manner, his statements make a lot of sense and are in line with
> the shAstric teaching.

Yes, agreed.

Hence, it is more meaningful if the originator of this thread, brings up
His teachings for discussion.

Many have already raised this point, but it seems to make no impact..

If one has Guru bhakti towards one's own Guru ( from the statement below by
the author), the same is expected  when talking about all other Guru's and
not making statements without reading/understanding Bhagavan's Teachings ..

> The student should  rely on guru vakya, for it is only by
'Guruprasadayet' that we can attain
> freedom from Karmic cycle.

> That is why you see so many members in this list
> defend the teaching of Ramana Maharshi as being in line with Vedanta - it
> is not out of respect for the man,
although that may be present too, but
> because of the underlying message.

> Regards,
> Venkatraghavan

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