[Advaita-l] How do you meditate?

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I understand that you do not share the mantra and the spiritual
experiences. But you can share your daily routine. You can share how did
you tackle day-2-day issues.

You say that nitya karma cannot be quite, but shAstra-s say, you should
drop agni i.e. karma kANDa.


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> Namaste
> Sometime back there was a discussion for all to explain the daily
> spiritual activities. But some people said if we tell others our
> activities there will be a negative effect and we will stop doing it.
> It has happened to some people. They are afraid if they give out all
> the spiritiual activities they are doing they will stop them and it
> will be bad for them.
> But there is easy way to plan our activities. There is no secret to
> keep. Kindly see Upadesha Panchakam -
> Vedo nityamadheeyatham, tadhuditham karma swanushthiyatham,
> Thenesasya vidheeyatham apachithi kamye mathisthyajyatham,
> Papougha paridhooyatham bhava sukhe doshonusandheeyatham,
> Athmecha vyavaseeyatham nijagruhathoornam vinirgamyatham. 1
> The first line is saying study the Vedas everyday and do the Nitya
> Karmas well. We should do the Karmas as offering to God and leave out
> Karmas done with desire for something. We should cultivate desire for
> Moksha by seeing the defects of Laukika enjoyments. At the ripe time
> break attachment with home and family and take Sanyasa.
> Meditation and OM chanting can be part of the daily routine but we
> cannot give up the Nitya Karmas.

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