[Advaita-l] How do you meditate?

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Sometime back there was a discussion for all to explain the daily
spiritual activities. But some people said if we tell others our
activities there will be a negative effect and we will stop doing it.
It has happened to some people. They are afraid if they give out all
the spiritiual activities they are doing they will stop them and it
will be bad for them.

But there is easy way to plan our activities. There is no secret to
keep. Kindly see Upadesha Panchakam -

Vedo nityamadheeyatham, tadhuditham karma swanushthiyatham,
Thenesasya vidheeyatham apachithi kamye mathisthyajyatham,
Papougha paridhooyatham bhava sukhe doshonusandheeyatham,
Athmecha vyavaseeyatham nijagruhathoornam vinirgamyatham. 1

The first line is saying study the Vedas everyday and do the Nitya
Karmas well. We should do the Karmas as offering to God and leave out
Karmas done with desire for something. We should cultivate desire for
Moksha by seeing the defects of Laukika enjoyments. At the ripe time
break attachment with home and family and take Sanyasa.

Meditation and OM chanting can be part of the daily routine but we
cannot give up the Nitya Karmas.

On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 10:04 PM, Sujal Upadhyay via Advaita-l
<advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org> wrote:
> praNAms,
> This group has a lots of scholars who have a good grips on upanishads and
> shankara bhAshya-s. I have seen many threads which are very technical in
> nature, but there is hardly any thread in which the way of meditation and
> it's practical application is discussed.
> All AchArya-s have stressed on anubhava then mere theory. All AchArya-s
> have given importance to meditation (sAdhanA). Sri Ramana Maharshi says,
> without upAsanA there is no (Atma) siddhi.
> I think, we need to re-introduce ourselves, this time introduce on how do
> you meditate.
> Please share how do you meditate and when living a practical life of a
> householder, a businessman or as a salaried person, how do you tackle
> day-2-day issues and stay focused on Brahman, which ultimately cannot be an
> object of focus :)
> To start with, I will re-introduce myself.
> I am told to meditate on OM. After regular meditation, OM would continue by
> itself. Even when I am working there is a feeling of peace and Bliss
> flowing through me. If I manage to meditate well, then the whole day is
> very peaceful.
> While working, when the job or task is finished, generally, OM chanting
> returns. In free time, I read Sri Ramakrishna's biography in Gujarati as it
> gives my intense joy and generates force to meditate with more focus,
> determination and with love. Sri Ramana Maharshi too has a lots of
> influence upon me. His words give me clarity and help me solve technical
> issues that I face in GYAna mArga. For example, if I get intense bliss in
> mediation and I am quite happy about it, his words from '40 verses of
> reality' and 'Who am I' help me not to get side tracked, but to keep
> focused on my goal in which there is no separate experience of Bliss. Verse
> 3 of 40 verses on reality has a lasting impact in my mind. Especially when
> I used to get engrossed in lots of analysis :)
> In day-2-day activities, things just happen, you accept them with their
> consequences, be calm. There is a force which helps me remain calm under
> difficult circumstances. I do not know who is helping but I know for sure
> there is someone always guiding me, protecting me. During clashes in family
> or while blame game in office, I am told not to react immediately, even if
> I am blamed for no good reason.  This helped me know my weakness. I came to
> know that I still have ego and even though I regularly meditate, I still
> have a long way to go.
> The main thing that I have felt is that I always have to keep moksha as the
> only goal and keep my mind fixed on OM during working and then later on
> contemplate on the origin of OM. Rest will be taken care by Ishvara.
> OM
> Sujal
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