[Advaita-l] How can prANa be Brahman?

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On another note, from a practical consideration -

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> On the other hand if we have
> 3. Not even allowing the arising of vRttis of sorrow in the mind.
> as a goal. That would need special efforts to reach and as per my
> understanding Sri vidyAraNya says that goal 1( and its necessary
> concomittant 2) are sufficient to ensure no future embodiments (his use of
> the word videhamukti) while his use of the word jIvanmukti entails
> achieving goal 3 as well.
Even if one, after attaining jnAna and isolates oneself from all
activities, to practically all the time
enjoy the “bliss of Brahman”, how is it possible to not allow the arising
of any vRttis ( pain or sorrow or any other ),
when the physical form itself is subjected to illness or pain to the point
that, one is no longer able to perform any of
the vAsanAkShaya or manonAsha (or samAdhi) practices ?

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