[Advaita-l] How can prANa be Brahman?

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Fri Sep 9 06:53:07 CDT 2016

Posted wrongly on the other thread - There is the other option i did not
consider in my earlier post viz., goal 1 of jnAnam and goal 2 of
'not-transposing-sorrow-vRttis occurring in the mind upon oneself which may
destabilise the jnAnam' are not necessary concomittants. They don't
necessarily go together always. In this option the idea of avidyAbIja
persisting has to be addressed. My understanding is that in this case we
have to qualify the word jnAnam with words like sapratibandhaka etc.

On 09-Sep-2016 5:01 pm, "Raghav Kumar" <raghavkumar00 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Apologies for interjecting but
> Can you please elaborate
> "On the other hand, the role that vAsanAkshaya / manonAsha plays is in
> training the mind to limit the negative reaction to external circumstances,
> which reaction manifests itself as sorrow / delusion. Therefore the
> conditions that can lead to the destabilising of jnAna, namely the
> experience of sorrow / unhappiness in the mind, are minimised."
> The question is -
> 1.   'jnAna'
> 2. 'not transposing the  vRttis of sorrow occurring in the mind, upon
> oneself ie the 'I'
> Do 1 and 2 necessarily go together or not? If yes then the two do not
> become two different goals to be achieved. There is no need to work
> separately for goal 2.
> On the other hand if we have
> 3. Not even allowing the arising of vRttis of sorrow in the mind.
> as a goal. That would need special efforts to reach and as per my
> understanding Sri vidyAraNya says that goal 1( and its necessary
> concomittant 2) are sufficient to ensure no future embodiments (his use of
> the word videhamukti) while his use of the word jIvanmukti entails
> achieving goal 3 as well.
> ( in the same vein that a mahatma can work for different goals which are
> not opposed to jnana sadhana  like lokasaMgraha, sarvamukti, non-arising of
> sorrow-vRttis etc etc.)
> This is my understanding of the two ideas of Sri vidyAraNya svami's
> explanation of tattvajnAna, vAsanAkShaya and manonAsha.
> Kindly correct if necessary.
> Om

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