[Advaita-l] Circumstances which makes us Strong

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Source : Speaking Tree, TIEMS, Author: Sh. M. Theophill
Dear Friends,                       What makes strong us in the worst situation around you is that the people around you. God is giving an unique opportunity in the form of our surrounding people so that we can know our self better and sustain in any worst circumstances. We remember to thankful for god & his given people surrounded by us, it is his blessings in our lives and it is the result of the our prayers answered.                         When our lives go through rough patches, when a unforeseen situation happens or when we are hit by a tragedy, giving thanks seems rather odd if not downright crazy, does not it?   Rejoice always, pray constantly, give thanks to god in all circumstances, burst out situation makes us strong to realise godless and thats what we can do, we can start right now to thank god for every single thing about this new barracks.Miracles live in strange place and it is belief of the whole western world.
Here is one of my personal example not intended to mention to tell any negativity , but to share how i over commed & crossed  the saga of struggle & harassment of my seniors in my life.
During my initial starting of my career, I was suppressed by all my senior colleagues by letting down in the professional carrier as they (all people whom I worked) evaluated me less than 80 and caused the delay of my promotion for 2 years. Still, I stranded on my foot, raised got cleared after 6 years, then also people could not able to digest my progress, again I was suppressed by taking some other inferior, junior, assistant collegues who were evaluated for above 95 for their"Chem cha giri" & buckets of paintings at the houses of the seniors, My promotion was delayed for another 2 years where as undesrved got in 4 yrs (To keep confidentiality I have not put the names as I have evidence for what I mentioned). Despite of all the peoples effort to suppress me or showing me down, I did not lost my integrity to serve my organization and left any stone untouched to prove my self and shown the progress with mere dedication with seva bhava to serve my country. Off course, I got my next promotion for another 6 years and all my junior & undeserved colleagues started dictating terms today. Still,no problem, I remains the same, what ever I am,I am only. Once I discussed all these with one of senior retired collegue by saying that, Sir, Still, I have respect to my seniors & obedient to them without loosing my self, but he answered to me that that is your view. He said to me that " None of your senior colleague wants that you should rise infront of them and they cannot digest the fact that you can  not sit along with them as they have seen you as a student." or You should progress with their support only, then i replied it is not possible for my nature and I stand on my own principles irrespective of gains.
Finally I would like to conclude with the saying of my experience which made me strong is my senior colleagues & friends, relatives. They are the god given gifts to me to realise my self and god's messengers which made me to sustain in the worst situations and helped me to travel in the rough path of rough time. So I thank one & all to help me, irrespective of materialistic gains.
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