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Source: speaking Tree, TIMES, Author: Sh. G.S. Tripathi
Dear Friends,                     As told by Sh. Venkatesha murthy, Gita is for all of us and we should discover the truth with our own will & effort with the help of the guru. In elaborative to this,there was an interesting article in todays Times which I would like to understand and discuss with all of you.
Arjuna , Gudakesi who is conquer of sleep  asked krishna ,in chapter 13 of gita, ensuring about the birth of purusha, consciousness, energy, materials, Kshetra, field of activities and kshetrajna , knower of the field of activities knowledge and the ultimate aim of the knowledge. Kshetrapalaka who was officer for the kshetra who is non other than krishna only. 
In response to Arjuna's questions, Krihsna replied: The body is the field and according to the wise , the knower of the field is ksehtrajna, realisation of the presence of the ultimate consciousness in all bodies is the ultimate knowledge and know of this is the true ksehtarjna. The Five elements i.e earth, water, fire, air & ether and falls ego, intelligence, the ten unmanifest senses, five objects of sense together with desire, envy, happiness, mysery, body , conciouness, determination defined the field of activities. 
Krishna says to arjuna that the the following traits, define knowledge that is to be known. Insensitivity, humility, non-violence (ahimsa), tolerance, simplicity, service to the teacher and the preceptor, external & internal cleanliness, belief in right means, self control, insensitive to mundane activities, deviod of arrogance, being constantly aware of the sadness & blemish associated with birth, death, disease and old age, minimum attachment to the family, equanimity in happiness and distress, complete devotion to the lord, fully surrender to the master, preference for holy, pleasing pleasures and solitude, commitment to spirituality and knowledge based on reason. 
All entities, animate and inanimate result from the interaction of the field of the activity and knower of the field. One who sees the ultimate being in everything and every where is the visionary. One who preserves that is only the the body that acts, not the soul is knowledgable.When one sees unity in the expansion & diversity of life forms, one realises the ultimate truth. Just as sun illuminates the world so do ultimate consciousness and individual consciousness  in the field of activity in the body. Finally those who by this knowledge can distinguish the body, individual continues & ultimate consciousness achieved the supreme.
Kshetrapalaka is nothing but officer for the Land who controls the field & its activities who is nothing but the bhirava who is the Lokpalaka, guard of the city, Kotwal of varanasi, supreme commander for the field oversees the things, helps all his disciples in crossing the Vaitrarini river, the Dhrama setu palaka, muktidayka, Vatuka bhirava, remover of the fear which appreared on the path of travel, Krupakara, dayanidhi, I salute to you.
Jaya Jaya Kaunabdhi deva, Maha deva sambho, Pahi Pahi Rakshatu.

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