[Advaita-l] EASTER Sunday - Triumph over Death, Sin & Evil

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Sat Mar 26 21:45:23 CDT 2016

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Dear Friends,                     Today is the day being celebrated by majority of the population of the world although christmas is the actual day of celebration but easter sunday is the heart of the christian faith and root cause of the victory of jesus.
Crucifiied jesus raised from the tomb as per the gospels and lived with cross to save the humanity on this earth, there by saving the world as god's messenger. The holy symbol cross forces us face the self and others. The cross indicates that we are vulnerable and it is the life experience of the jesus which transformed into victory.
     The passions what we experience when we are lonely , abandoned, betrayed or mocked. People takes help from us and easily forgets in short span of time although that opportunity was given to them by god though us . It takes different forms in every individual's life, but the answer to all of them is the same - Resurrection of Jesus. 
Pope Francis says " The moment of our humiliation is the moment of our humility as we do not full understand why these things happen to us as jesus made the way as the "ĔASTER" an opportunity to rejoice and be reborn into  new life and we can take any challenge with confidence. 
    Easter removes the deep divide between god and humanity, because after jesu's death and resurrection , we are one with god. He is accessible to all. Easter means that we make time space for god. We rely less on our selves and depend more on what he is telling us every day. We can find him in the song of the birds, the early morning dew, the rain and the storms, the ups & downs of life. The lord of compassion tells us that he made us as a new creation.
       I welcome the dawn and dusk every day in my life as it reminds us god's faithful ness  as he carved us on the plan of his hands. He brings light to the darkened world. We are all allotted times on the earth as we do not understand, but if we listen in quiet to the god of both great & small things, every leaf, branch, meadow, flower, crow, sparrow, repeats the ester message of LIBERATION from the past and assure future.
Acknowledgement: Author: Janina Gomeswith regards
Kameswara Rao

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