[Advaita-l] Query on Titiksha in Sadhana Catushtaya

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Tue Mar 22 03:53:23 CDT 2016

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> The three are as follows:
> आधिदैवीकम् - देवता प्रेरितं, like lightening earthquake etc. That which are
> controlled and coming from the devatas.

This is correct. Natural calamities like tsunami, hurricane, etc. come
under this group.

> आधिभौतिकम् - भूत प्रेरितं , anything that is coming from the created.
> Anything that originates from those that are around us as a part of
> creation like ourselves. That includes pollution mentioned in the first
> post.

The above is not a correct depiction. This category includes misery coming
from/caused by animals/snakes, dacoits, etc.

> अध्यात्मं-  अविध्याकामकर्म जनितम्। that is of the Jeeva. Self inflicted or
> created due to desire to achieve or avoid.

This head includes afflictions of the body and the mind. vyādhi is for the
body and ādhi is of the mind.



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