[Advaita-l] Query on Titiksha in Sadhana Catushtaya

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Hare Krishna

'titikshA' is  tolerating the tApatraya-s i.e. adhyAtmika tApa, Adidaivika tApa and Adibhautika tApa.  Tolerating all these with sahana (patience and tranquility in mind)  going forward in sAdhana is what is prescribed for the mumukshu in shamAdi shatsampatti.

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In Sadhana Catushtaya they say Titiksha is bearing heat and cold. But in modern day the bad effect of pollution is there. In India you can see Pollution Index Real Time map


Question: Is Titiksha also means tolerating pollution? Because in olden days there was no pollution like today. Why should we tolerate pollution?


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