[Advaita-l] Why only jagat is mithya and jeeva is brahman !!??

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> Dear Shri Subrahmanianji,
> >In some 'ugābhoga-s' of Sri Purandara Dasa, I have come across the term
> >'jivanmukta'.
> I stand corrected, albeit partially:-) The dvaitins too have something that
> they call jIvanmukti.
> VyAsatIrtha uses the term jIvanmukti/jIvanmukta in his NyAyAmRta. However,
> it means an AparokShajnAnin who has had a direct vision of God. Further,
> unlike the advaitic version of jIvanmukti, Madhva distinguishes between
> iShTa and aniShTa karma as forming anArabdha karma. It is only the aniShTa
> karma that gets destroyed. The iShTa karma gets "credited" to the released
> jIva's "account" in mukti. And any karma performed by the jIvanmukta has
> the effect of enriching the bliss in Moksha, which means there is scope for
> karma even in the state of mukti.(Philosophy of Madhvacharya page 464-465).
> This is in direct contrast to effect (or lack of effect) of karma on the
> jIvanmukta in advaita, and the complete absence of karma in Moksha.

Thanks for the details.  I have also heard that in the Madhva system,
'bhagavatpreetikara karma' does not get destroyed.  Its fruit is had in the
mukti state.


> Anand
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