[Advaita-l] Why only jagat is mithya and jeeva is brahman !!??

Anand Hudli anandhudli at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 20 04:57:00 CDT 2016

Dear Shri Subrahmanianji,

>In some 'ugābhoga-s' of Sri Purandara Dasa, I have come across the term

I stand corrected, albeit partially:-) The dvaitins too have something that
they call jIvanmukti.

VyAsatIrtha uses the term jIvanmukti/jIvanmukta in his NyAyAmRta. However,
it means an AparokShajnAnin who has had a direct vision of God. Further,
unlike the advaitic version of jIvanmukti, Madhva distinguishes between
iShTa and aniShTa karma as forming anArabdha karma. It is only the aniShTa
karma that gets destroyed. The iShTa karma gets "credited" to the released
jIva's "account" in mukti. And any karma performed by the jIvanmukta has
the effect of enriching the bliss in Moksha, which means there is scope for
karma even in the state of mukti.(Philosophy of Madhvacharya page 464-465).
This is in direct contrast to effect (or lack of effect) of karma on the
jIvanmukta in advaita, and the complete absence of karma in Moksha.


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