[Advaita-l] Why only jagat is mithya and jeeva is brahman !!??

H S Chandramouli hschandramouli at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 04:34:43 CDT 2016

Sri Bhaskar Ji observed

 <<  So the equation is
(a) upAdhi + brahman = jeeva,
(b) nAma / rUpa + brahman = jagat
(c) jeeva - upAdhi = brahman and
(d) jagat - nAma/rUpa = brahman too since what remains after removing
adhyArOpita is brahman only nothing else.  Under these circumstances how
can we elevate one aspect as brahman and another one  as mithyA??  Any
constructive thoughts on this would be most welcome. >>.

 The fundamental error in manipulating these equations the way it is done
is in not recognizing that Brahman and upAdhi/jagat/nAma/rUpa relate to two
different levels of Reality.

If one were to feel more comfortable in dealing with equations like this ,
 I think the equations could be recast as follows.

<< upAdhi = entities endowed with five characteristics
existence,cognizability,attaractiveness (अस्ति भाति प्रियं),form and name
(रूपं नाम). >>  The first three are dependent on Brahman and are common to
all upAdhis. The last two are due to mAyA and unique to each upAdhi. All
upAdhis aremithya.  ( Important to note is that upAdhi is NOT to be
considered as nAma/rUpa + Brahman ). Same way as rope-serpent is not to be
considered as rope+serpent

Jagat = set of all upAdhis.  Mithya only..

Jeeva = upAdhi (some,not all) + Brahman ( as sAkshi).  Basis  for this is
praVesha shruti. ( chidabhasa is included in upAdhi as in my understanding
praVesha refers to sAkshi and not chidabhasa). However it is very important
to note that in this equation, the two terms upAdhi and Brahman relate to
different levels of Reality. But sAkshi and Brahman relate to same level of
Reality.This is crucial.

Before Realization, Jeeva considers himself as at the same level of Reality
as upAdhi. But on Realization Jeeva realizes his nondifference from Brahman
( higher level of Realty).


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