[Advaita-l] मदालसायाः आलोलिका (स्वापिका) (The Lullaby of Queen Madalasa)

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> Sreeramji - My PraNams
> Beautiful. With your permission I would like post in facebook.
> Just curious - is this episode from Yoga vaashiShta? There there is a
> story that the queen later initiates her husband. We have husband teaching
> wife as in Maitreyee brahmana. Here it is the other way.

Sada ji,

The episode that you have in mind is perhaps of the 'Chūḍālā - Śikhidvaja
royal couple'.  Here, first the queen becomes enlightened and later the
husband, thinking that leaving the palace, etc. will help him, renounces.
In the forest, he strives hard, but does not succeed. Later, Chudala, in
the guise of a brahmacharin, instructs him and now he becomes a jnani.


> Hari Om!
> Sada

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