[Advaita-l] मदालसायाः आलोलिका (स्वापिका) (The Lullaby of Queen Madalasa)

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed Mar 2 23:13:04 CST 2016

Thank you Sada-ji.  With pleasure you can put on FB.  No copyrights :)).

This is from Dattatreya Mahatmyam of Brahmanda Purana.  Amazing to see that such
brahmavAdinis once walked on our land.   Queen Madalasa taught Vedanta to her 4 children
in the form of "Lullaby" and all 4 became Jivanmuktas !

Infact, this episode should be circulated widely on "Mother's Day" and my intention is to
see that this reaches far & wide to every mother across the world.


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