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>> Namaste
>> Thanks to all responding to answer the second objection about
>> Mithyatva of Bandha.
>> Dvaitis mistake is they are not recognizing the Adhikari Bheda of
>> people.
> This means you are proposing bhEda as a category exist, fine.

>From Vyavahara Drushti yes Bheda is there. Advaitis have always
accepted Bheda in Vyavahara. Only in Paramartha Drushti there is no
>> There are three types. One is Adhama Adhikari. He is lowest
>> type. For him Bondage is real. He has to struggle with all
>> difficulties thrown in the ocean of Samsaara. He has to approach God
>> and pray for freedom from troubles. He is the dull minded Dvaiti
>> thinking he is different and God is different.
> Because of a dvaiti upholds bhEda he is called  "dull minded" and
> adhmaAdhikAri, then by the same standard, what should a person be called who
> also proposes the same bhEda in terms of adhikAra bhEda?
> If bhEda is mithya (due to upAdhi-s), then this very framework based
> adhikAra-bhEda be equally mithya and hence attAtvIka. The very conclusion is
> its apavAda.

Again Dvaitis are showing dull mindedness here. Adhikari Bheda is also
from Vyavahara Drushti only. We are having this discussion in
Vyavahara only. Otherwise there is nothing to discuss. Think about it
till you understand. In Paramartha Drushti there is no Adhikari no
Adhikari Bheda no teaching no Bandha no Moksha. Think beyond
Vyavaharic Samsaara.

> /sv



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