[Advaita-l] Nyaya Sudha Objections 2

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> Namaste
> Thanks to all responding to answer the second objection about
> Mithyatva of Bandha.
> Dvaitis mistake is they are not recognizing the Adhikari Bheda of
> people.

This means you are proposing bhEda as a category exist, fine.

> There are three types. One is Adhama Adhikari. He is lowest
> type. For him Bondage is real. He has to struggle with all
> difficulties thrown in the ocean of Samsaara. He has to approach God
> and pray for freedom from troubles. He is the dull minded Dvaiti
> thinking he is different and God is different.

Because of a dvaiti upholds bhEda he is called  "dull minded" and
adhmaAdhikAri, then by the same standard, what should a person be called
who also proposes the same bhEda in terms of adhikAra bhEda?

If bhEda is mithya (due to upAdhi-s), then this very framework based
adhikAra-bhEda be equally mithya and hence attAtvIka. The very conclusion
is its apavAda.


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