[Advaita-l] The Tinged Brahman of Deep Sleep, etc.

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Pranams to all the participants in this thread.
      I have a couple of doubts : 
      how will tinged Brahma will become untinged?      Sruti says  ayam AtmA brahma || So Atma is also tinged in all the states. 
      How to make Atma untinged ?      Is he available for untinging operation?      Has any one done it?  Please instruct me where one has done it so that  I can realize Atma which is not tinged.

With respectful namaskarams,Sreenivasa Murthy

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Namaste Sri Subbuji,

Great, I remember the discussion in relation to आगन्तुकत्वं of अविद्या.

>From Anandagiri AchArya's clarification, it appears that on similar lines,
the अभाव of अविद्या in सुषुप्ति here refers to its अनभिव्यक्तं. Presumably
here by अविद्या, अध्यास is being referred to.

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> wrote:
>> Namaste Sri Subbu ji,
>> In a related matter, I had some issues reconciling /interpreting the
>> bhAshya of Br. Up. 4.3.21.
>> The specific vAkya I am having a problem reconciling with is :
>> यत आत्मकामम् — आत्मैव कामाः यस्मिन् रूपे, अन्यत्र प्रविभक्ता इव अन्यत्वेन
>> काम्यमानाः यथा जाग्रत्स्वप्नयोः, तस्य आत्मैव
>> अन्यत्वप्रत्युपस्थापकहेतोरविद्याया अभावात्
> Anandagiri Acharya clarifies for the above sentence:
> यद्यपि सुषुप्तेऽविद्या विद्यते तथाऽपि न सा अभिव्यक्ता अस्ती
> इत्यनर्थपरिहारोपपत्तिरित्यर्थः ।
> He says: Even though avidya subsists in deep sleep, yet it (avidya) is not
> manifest and hence there is no anartha, sāmsāric trammels, in deep sleep.
> In the very next paragraph in the bhashyam there is the word आगन्तुक. For
> this too Anandagiri commentary is there: Even though Avidya is not
> something that will come later, yet, when it manifests (in jāgrat) it will
> bring forth all the problems.
> We had discussed this above portion in this forum before.
> regards
> vs
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