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Another pot-shot is the Chandala Episode in Kashi. Brahmin Haters say
Adi Sankara bowed to the Chandala. But it is not true. Sankara Dig
Vijaya has said that Chandala was Lord Siva. When Adi Sankara was
going to bow to Him the Chandala disappeared and Lord Siva was
standing there. Adi Sankara did not bow to any Chandala in his life.

On Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 4:54 AM, Kalivaradhan krishnamurthy via
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> HariH OM!
> I am not a regular reader of the digest due to my preoccupations.
> The discussions on Satyakama point to one thing: That a non-Advaitin is
> allowed to take pot-shots at our Acharyas and sampadaya.
> Why not the Moderators in the first few episodes of the discussions give a
> warning to the offending subscriber, stop the discussions and close the
> issue?
> I have seen many half-baked ISCON devotees behaving arrogantly like this.
> This is bane of Hinduism.  Persons belonging to ne sampradaya mud-slinging
> another sampradaya.
> This provides the fodder and encourage Atheists against our Sastras and
> religious conduct.
> Please make a full stop to these unhealthy tendencies.
> DhanyavadaH
> kalivaradhan
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> Kalivaradhan
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> *"Let Noble thoughts reach us from all directions! "*
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