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Sri Shashwata, you ask "How did lord Shankara concluded that she was a wife
of a Brahmin?"

It is not Aadi Shankara who draws this conclusion, but the text itself.
Sri Aurobind has quoted the text and bhaashya of the first three verse of
this section.
The fourth verse, however, provides the answer directly. The first words
तँ होवाच नैतदब्राह्मणो विवक्तुम्

This is spoken by हारिद्रुमतं गौतम - it is he who declares सत्यकाम as a
The purport of this section is to emphasize the adherence to Truth.
सत्यकाम was unflinching in his Truthfulness as well as his devotion.

Yours in Truth

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> Lord Shankara on his commentary of Chandogya represented Satyakama's
> mother as
> a wife of a Brahmin. How come a wife of a Brahmin never had the chance to
> know
> about her husband's clan? Moreover she doesn't even know about her own
> family
> status! How did lord Shankara concluded that she was a wife of a Brahmin?
> In
> means of what logic and proofs?
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