[Advaita-l] Shankara and DrishTi-SrishTi vAda - eka jeeva vaada

H S Chandramouli hschandramouli at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 05:47:16 CDT 2016

Namaste Sri Venkatraghavan Ji,

Reg your observation  << I don't see how you draw the conclusion that
PrakashAnanda only accepts ज्ञानाध्यास, and not अर्थाध्यास >>,

 It is because he holds that dvaitam is तुछ्छ (tuchcha).  There is no
separate creation, real or mithya. As stated in sidhantaleshasamgraha, he
holds that “Perception itself is creation”. I should however clarify here
that the word ज्ञानाध्यास is not used in either sidhantaleshasamgraha or
Sidhantamuktavali.  It is my own understanding of the above position.

Reg  << ज्ञानाध्यास, and not अर्थाध्यास - the two always occur together, I
haven't encountered a situation where one exists but not the other.>>.

Not so. The two can exist separately.

Reg  << By definition, ज्ञानाध्यास  is an अविद्या  वृत्ति located in the
kAraNa sharIra. Now if you say that PrakashAnanda holds that only
jnAnAdhyAsa occurs, with no corresponding arthAdhyAsa outside, how can one
account for the specific location perceived of external objects, in
statements like "I see a snake there", "silver here" etc? >>,

 I think you are mixingup SDV and DSV.

Reg  << Please can you elaborate for the reasons that led you to such a
conclusion? >>,

Covered above.

Reg  << Such an interpretation would be akin to the AtmakhyAti of vijnAna
vAda, not the anirvachanIya khyAti of advaita, which includes
PrakashAnanda's prakriya. >>,

PrakashAnanda's prakriya does not allow for anirvachanIya khyAti of
advaita. He also claims that his prakriya does not follow AtmakhyAti of
vijnAna vAda ( pp 132-134 of Sidhantamuktavali ).


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