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Dear Aditya,
"Advaita is the Absolute Truth" --अद्वैतं तु परमार्थतः।
Meaning whichever way one approach or whatever method one choose in order
to find out the Truth behind all that is known and unknown, only One Truth
remains as the reason and result, where there is no real distinctive
differences between the two. It's known as That One Truth. एकं सत् विप्राः
बहुता वतन्ति। That one truth which the learned call it in many names.
Having given the glimpse of the meaning of Advaita, let me explain to you
in a nut shell that it was Adi Sankara who lived in India around 600 to
700AD who brought out this Truth in explicit way thru his elaborate
commentaries of age old Upanishads and Brahma SUtra along with that of
Bhagavad Gita.
This truth was hidden in these age old inheritance from our forefathers
known as Veda. Veda means knowledge and Vedanta refers to the last part of
it and called Upanishads.
It's not a religion as many think, as most of the religions are considered
of ritualistic practices and invoking of God/Gods. Advaita has nothing
against those and hence neither encourages nor discourages them. Advaita
considers all steps other than the path of knowledge as early requirements
of those who cannot understand the knowledge of this Truth in its entirety.
So it's not a belief but Truth. Such a Truth by knowing which all that is
required to be known about The Absolute Truth and hence the mysteries of
all that known and unknown becomes known.
It's not a philosophy to be studied for a PhD. but a practice in which you
only can know, experience, what is being taught and there by you only can
vouch the validity of that. Since the time of our sages many who have taken
to this path has done so too.
One can say is a destination, meaning of a state not a place, to reach.
यद्गत्वाननिवर्तन्ते तद् धाम परमं.....
Getting where there is no return to this mundane world is what Krishna
promises. A state where, the knowledge of That Truth makes one absolutely
free from all tentacles of limitations created by imaginative mind and is
Hope I've been able to give some idea and answered your inquisitive mind.
Aurobind Padiyath

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> Namaste to all great people here.
> I want to know if Advaita is a:
> - belief system.
> - a path.
> - the destination.
> - something else.
> Kindly explain.
> With best Regards
> Aditya Agnihotri
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Aurobind Padiyath

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