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> Namaste to all great people here.
> I want to know if Advaita is a:
> - belief system.
> - a path.
> - the destination.
> - something else.
> Kindly explain.

The word 'advaitam' in the Mandukya upanishad seventh mantra says that it
is one's self, the supreme Reality, to be realized for liberation. That
doctrine that helps one achieve this is also called Advaitam. Naturally the
aspirant of this goal is said to be walking the 'advaitic path' and he has
to 'believe' in that path and goal and this is called 'shraddhā, āstikya
buddhi' as Shankara says. It is not anything else.


> With best Regards
> Aditya Agnihotri
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