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Namaskar Sri Sadananadaji,

1- Yes, you are correct, there is no other way to remove ignorance other
than jnAnam but still avidhyA is not located in mind. avidhyA is the
kAraNama of samsAra, mind is kAryam. So location of kAraNama should not be
kAryam dependent.

2- Right, can you give me the link of that article. I would like to read

3- Right.

Thanks for your wonderful reply.

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> Shree Rajeshji – PraNAms
> First I am glad that you are happy with whatever you have received as a
> result of the discussions.
> Now just couple of points. Related to your Item I
> 1). In terms of the item one the scriptures declare clearly that mind is
> responsible for both bondage and liberation – mana eva manushyaanaam
> kaaraNam bandha mokshayoH.
> 2) Even in Sushupti there is a mind in subtle form – without the mind
> instrument there is no experience of a) akhandaakaara ajnaan vRitti that is
> there in the deep-sleep state b) recollection of the experience of the
> sleep by the mind once awake that I slept very well and I was happy. I had
> posted an article on the list in the past on – who slept very well? –it is
> based on Shree Vidyaranya’s 11th Chapter of Panchadashi.
> II. About your second point, Janaani can experience the world of plurality
> as you mentioned the Vikshepa is there. However He understood that it is
> mithyaa hence it  becomes a vibhuti. Hence via the BMI he can experience
> all the three states but he now understands that he is saakshii and all the
> experiences are mithyaa since they are experienced. When Shankara writes a
> Bhashya, he claims that he is writing and starts with invocation of the
> Lord or the teacher. Thus Doership is there but that is understood as
> vyaavahaarika level and hence mithyaatva aspect is clearly understood. Once
> knowledge is there that is never negated by any experiences. The
> dRishti-sRishti vaadas or sRiShTi-dRiShTi vaadas are by realized souls only.
>  Anyway as long as you are happy with the answers received, the matter
> ends from your point
> Hari Om
> Sadananda
> Namaste,
> I got some convincing answers here and I got some from outside the forum
> also, I would like to share two which may be helpful.
> 1- The locus of avidhyA is not mind. avidhyA is not mere absence of
> knowledge but it is a positive entity. It is accepted as kAraNa sariram. So
> at them level of kAraNa sariram there is no mind but still there is avidhyA
> so mind cannot be locus of avidhyA.So once it is removed, it is gone and
> now change in mental condition will not affect it.
> AvaraNa completely get destroyed vikshepa shakti continue for sometime
> which we accepted as prArabdha. Because AvaraNa is destroyed the prArabdha
> is understood as mithyA. This mithyA prArabdha which is there because of
> still active vikshepa shakti. This is known as avidhyA lesa vAda.
> Second answer is as per dristi sristi vAda.
> 2- After jnAnam there is no vahyavhArika jEva which will continue and which
> could be ajnAni again. Therefore there is no jEvanmukti this only an
> arthavAda. With jnAnam prArabdha also get destroyed completely. This is
> only to answer ajnAni that how the body is still surviving it is accepted
> that prArabdha remains. So there is no chance of avidhyA coming back.
> Thanks fro all the replies.


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