[Advaita-l] sushupati anubhava of jnAni and ajnAni

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> There is only vikShepa, not AvaraNa. So the world is seen, but not as
> different from brahman, since the true nature has been revealed once and
> for all.
> >>>>
> So there is a possibility of vikshepa without avaraNa. Any pramanam,
> dristAntam  for that, I would like to know any reference, it would be
> helpful.

Not the rope-snake, but here your very example of desert water works well.
Having known that the water is nothing but its adhiShThAna desert sand, one
doesn't stop seeing it as water, because the refraction superimposing water
on the desert sand continues. Yet, one doesn't take it to be real water.

> Basically you are saying if we know there is sand then even if we are
> seeing water there then that is only vikshepam and no avaraNa is there,
> right? looks perfect and it also leads to conclusion that for vikshepa to
> work avaraNa is not necessary.
Only for vikShepa itself to be taken as real, AvaraNa is necessary. The
jnAni perceives vikShepa as mithyA, superimposed on his own svarUpa.

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