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Lets take few points from various replies.

kuntimaddi sadananda
​ji said​

*>>>>*First answer is - a jnaani does not sleep since he has realized his
true nature - brahma vit brahmaiva bhavati - is the scriptural statement.
Hence being Brahman he cannot or need not sleep!*>>>*

I do not see any reason why jnAni need not to sleep as this is actually
body which needs to sleep. What is the difference between jnAnai and ajnAni
body? Why one needs to sleep and other not?

>>>> Venkatraghavan Sji said
1) ShAstra pramANa is pretty categorical that there is no return for a
brahma jnAni. The famously laconic Brahma SUtra, goes to the extent of
repeating अनावृत्तिः शब्दादनावृत्तिः शब्दात्,  ("there is no return, says
the Shruti"). There are various श्रुति प्रमाण for this:
a) तयोर्ध्वमायन्नमृतत्वमेति (Ch 8.6.6, "Going up by that way, one attains
b) एतेन प्रतिपद्यमाना इमं मानवमावर्तं नावर्तन्ते नावर्तन्ते (Ch 4.15.5,
"Those who proceed on that path do not return to the life of man"
c) तेषां न पुनरावृत्तिः (Br 6.2.15, "There is no return for them")

2) Secondly, by युक्ति प्रमाण, the body's प्रारब्ध would have to be very
good if brahma jnAna is attained in the first place. If not, how else would
the jnAni's BMI have attained ब्रह्म ज्ञानं and become a ब्रह्म निष्ठ in
that janma? That being the case, how can his प्रारब्ध have a lapse, after

Correct, but there is one exception also, which is a rare one, that if some
take birth with such prArabdha which cannot be exhausted in one janma then
that jnAni, of-course talking about the sukshma sarira of jnAni, will again
get a sthula sarira. So exceptions are there.

>>>If concerns still remain that one is not a brahma nishTHA and hence may
lapse, Krishna in Chapter 6 of the Gita says that if such a lapse happens,
that person will be born in an environment conducive for ज्ञान योग in the
next birth and will carry on from where he left off in the previous

Perfect. :-)

>>>>>> Aurobind Padiyathji said
A wave when it merges back to ocean it fears not that it will become a wave
again. Because it has lost the individuality of the wave. But the waves
keep coming and merges back in the same fashion again and again. But those
waves have the firm knowledge that is not a simple wave but the mighty
Similarly when That knowledge arises there is no more fear of what is not
real. To such a person there is nothing other than That. For him, the one
who had gained that knowledge, everything is only That where even names and
forms are mere appearances of That, which is nothing but his own nature.
To such a person which is everything and sees only his own nature where can
he look and what can he see other than his own nature.
The only example the Veda uses to explain that state is "like" the deep
sleep, but not the deep sleep which we remember after waking.

Correct Sir, but this jnAnam take place in antahkAraNam which can develop
again the association with the body mind complex somehow, OR it can not
this is the question to ponder upon.

>>> H S Chandramouliji said
Even if it comes back, the problem is only temporary. The problem pertains
only to the current body. It has been clearly stated in the Shrutis that
once Jnana is attained, there is no further transmigration for the Jiva
whatever happens in the intervening period till the current body falls off.

Sir, it means you accept that there is possibility that a jnAni antahkaraNa
may develop again thought "I am Body mind sense complex." It looks like a
logical possibility that after brain injury it can happen.

Now the question is,  promised vidheamukti should be there. But that is
because a jnAni does not claim  AgAmi karma but if he develops again the
 deha abhimAnam then why will he not get the phalam of AgAmi karma?

>>> Praveen R. Bhatji said
There is only vikShepa, not AvaraNa. So the world is seen, but not as
different from brahman, since the true nature has been revealed once and
for all.

So there is a possibility of vikshepa without avaraNa. Any pramanam,
dristAntam  for that, I would like to know any reference, it would be
Basically you are saying if we know there is sand then even if we are
seeing water there then that is only vikshepam and no avaraNa is there,
right? looks perfect and it also leads to conclusion that for vikshepa to
work avaraNa is not necessary.


On Fri, Jan 15, 2016 at 9:21 PM, kuntimaddi sadananda <
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> PraNAms
> Sri Vidyaranya discusses this in the 7th Chapter of Pancadashi that we are
> currently doing for Advaita Academy. He discusses this using the example of
> the 10th man. The 10th man out of sorrow that the 10th man is lost keeps
> hitting his head and hurts himself - later he discovers that the he is the
> missing 10th man when the teacher says the tat tvam asi - you are what you
> are seeking all the time. Having discovered that he is the tenth man does
> not remove his head injuries. Hence goes through the medical treatment but
> that does not destroy his knowledge that He is the one whom he has been
> seeking all the time. This is true for the head injuries any injuries
> before after the jnaanam. Hence Krishnas statement - duHkeshu anudvigna
> manaaH, sukheshu vigata jwaraH...
> Another aspect Vidyaranya discusses that even when one knows that it is
> magic show and what is happening on the stage is not really real, that
> knowledge does not obstruct one enjoying the show. In fact one enjoys more
> since it is not real and appears to be so real. The whole world becomes a
> vibhuti for the self-realized person. That of course includes not only the
> waking state, dream state and even the deep - sleep state experiences.
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
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> On Fri, 1/15/16, H S Chandramouli via Advaita-l <
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>  Sri Rajesh Ji,
>  Reg your query  << If
>  it is same then is it possible that after some
>  brain-injury his wrong
>  conclusion, I am body, based on avidhyA could
>  come back.>>,
>  Even if
>  it comes back, the problem is only temporary. The problem
>  pertains
>  only to the current body. It has
>  been clearly stated in the Shrutis that
>  once
>  Jnana is attained, there is no further transmigration for
>  the Jiva
>  whatever happens in the intervening
>  period till the current body falls off.
>  Regards


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