[Advaita-l] sushupati anubhava of jnAni and ajnAni

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Sri Vidyaranya discusses this in the 7th Chapter of Pancadashi that we are currently doing for Advaita Academy. He discusses this using the example of the 10th man. The 10th man out of sorrow that the 10th man is lost keeps hitting his head and hurts himself - later he discovers that the he is the missing 10th man when the teacher says the tat tvam asi - you are what you are seeking all the time. Having discovered that he is the tenth man does not remove his head injuries. Hence goes through the medical treatment but that does not destroy his knowledge that He is the one whom he has been seeking all the time. This is true for the head injuries any injuries before after the jnaanam. Hence Krishnas statement - duHkeshu anudvigna manaaH, sukheshu vigata jwaraH...

Another aspect Vidyaranya discusses that even when one knows that it is magic show and what is happening on the stage is not really real, that knowledge does not obstruct one enjoying the show. In fact one enjoys more since it is not real and appears to be so real. The whole world becomes a vibhuti for the self-realized person. That of course includes not only the waking state, dream state and even the deep - sleep state experiences. 

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 Sri Rajesh Ji,
 Reg your query  << If
 it is same then is it possible that after some
 brain-injury his wrong
 conclusion, I am body, based on avidhyA could
 come back.>>,
 Even if
 it comes back, the problem is only temporary. The problem
 only to the current body. It has
 been clearly stated in the Shrutis that
 Jnana is attained, there is no further transmigration for
 the Jiva
 whatever happens in the intervening
 period till the current body falls off.

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