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Yes, the khilas are essential parts, even though it may appear that khilas are not in the main body of the texts. The Harivamsha is also considered as khila of the Mahabharata and the number of verses in the Mahabharata and Harivamsha taken together is around 100,000. The Harivamsha is also an essential parts of the Mahabharata and many of the intriguing aspects of the Mahabharata are best understood only after reading the Harivamsha. 

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According to nilakanThacharya ( commentator of mahAbharata ) definition of khila is " परशाखीयं स्वशाखायामपेक्षावशात्पठयते तत् खिलमुच्यते "
The mantras ( suktas ) which are not from one's svashAkha but due to need ( need to be employed in yAgAs , pujas etc ) are to be study are khila mantras .  what I think is "
Khilas are the mantras which don't occur in the regular samhitA but which have continued to be accepted as Adhyayana by tradition and are in regular usage .  

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