[Advaita-l] Sri Suktam

Animesh darkdevil114 at rocketmail.com
Sun Jan 10 07:19:50 CST 2016

Namaste ,

According to nilakanThacharya ( commentator of mahAbharata ) definition of khila is " परशाखीयं स्वशाखायामपेक्षावशात्पठयते तत् खिलमुच्यते "
The mantras ( suktas ) which are not from one's svashAkha but due to need ( need to be employed in yAgAs , pujas etc ) are to be study are khila mantras .  what I think is "
Khilas are the mantras which don't occur in the regular samhitA but which have continued to be accepted as Adhyayana by tradition and are in regular usage .  


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