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 Source: Speaking Tree, Times , Author: H.H.Swami Swarupananda
Dear Friends,                        Leadership qualities of different people vary  as per their inner core nature. Our Scriptures says the Royal servant 'Hanuman' is the best leader with great 'days' qualities, from which one can take lessons. Hanuman is always inspirational for who are at down fall or in need of help or depression. An Ideal leader should be having a oceanic knowledge and always open to constructive criticism with an inherent urge of ready to learn with humility. Leader should have its own source of inspiration as hanuman keeps lord rama as his role model. He never compares himself with anybody or never had any intention to keep himself at par with the mightiest people.
Instead of that with his dedication & devotion along with 'days brava', his everyday ness for the cause of 'Rama' makes him a distinct person i.e an Ideal Leader. One should learn some qualities from him by motivating people and bringing best out of them. Hanuman exhibits exemplary leadership with his confidence, patience and preseverance. One can imagine how he made it possible the impossible task of crossing 800 miles of ocean. During his might journey, when maniac tempted him with a paradise like resting guest house, Lord humbly replied, 'Until I finish my Rama's work, I will not take rest'.  That should be the dedication to the master by the servant  who has given him that opportunity/chance/direction.
On his way to Lanka, when differences in opinion arose with the serpent demoness Surasa, Hanuman did not get down with ego issues as it leads to no solution and mere wastage of time. He became small with his bestowed siddhi without making prestige, he cleverly slipped put of the situation. On the path to success, there is another tendency that pulls down his Jealousy nature which was displayed by sinhika who wants to pull down hanuman but lord instantly overcomes her with his 'Rama's Grace'.
In a Challenging Situation, a cleaver leader tries to turn every adversity into an opportunity. When Ravana's men captured him and dragged him through lanka, Hanuman takes that opportunity to asses raven's strength by observing his military stations and commands. When he was brought infant of ravana, he never tried to counsel him rather he conveyed the message as 'DUTA'. As the Scriptures says  and vibhishan clearly mention the same as the 'duta' /Messenger can not be called in war like situation, but he can be punished. When Ravana uses his panda by putting fire to hanumans tail (which is nothing but the shakti parvati), Lord hanuman tuned that adverse opportunity to instil fear in opponents by burning Lanka.
Hanuman is the rarest combination of Faith, Devotion & Surrender to the Dharma. Once he said: From the point of view of this body, he is mama's servant. From the point of life energy within he is an infinitesimal particle of rama. But realistically speaking " Hanuman & Rama are one the same". Physical bodies may differ , where as the shakti is same in both of them.
There was a beautiful prayer of hanuman addressing the divine mother para bhattarika Lalita MahaTripura Sundari, in which he prays like this: Amba! be pleases with me, I am a small child lying in your lap, I don't how to speak and I couldn't speak in future also as my mouth was busy in taking pranashakti int the form of breast milk Mother!Can any surrender be greater than this?
One should finally realise that Self, Guru, the entire Universe, The Divine Lotus Feet and Sri chakra are all one and Indivisible. This ' Abheda Bhavanam is Sri Chakra Poojanam and it is the greatest meditation.
Jai Hanumana Jnana guna Sagara Jai Kapisa tihuloka ujagaraHoya Siddhi sakhi Gaurisa i.e Lord shiva is the witness for Siddhi, hold true.
SriGuru Padaravindarpana Mastu
With regardsKameswara Rao

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