[Advaita-l] Nyaya Sudha Objections 1

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> Here the objection is that unless mukhyArtha is known, vAcyartha cannot be
> known.
> That is why we have jahat-ajahat lakshaNa. MukhyArtha of nirguNa brahman is
> not possible (there being no guNa, jAti, sambandhA, kriyA mediums in
> nirguNa Brahman for the mukhya vritti to connote the brahma pada with the
> brahma padArtha). Therefore let us take brahma pada to connote saguNa
> Brahman instead. Ishvara mukhyArtha can be known - even the dvaitin will
> accept that.
> Then by jahat ajahat lakshaNa, the guNas of saguNa Brahman can be dropped
> to arrive at the lakshyArtha, nirguNa Brahman. So it is possible to have
> lakshyArtha of nirguNa Brahman as long as the vAcyArtha of saguNa Brahman
> is known.
Ok, but how do you address the objection of opponent about doing samanvya
of shruti? Or do you say samanvaya is possible only with mukhyArtha of


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