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> Namaste Durgaprasadji,
> Pls ask your friend to nonetheless go ahead and do the japa as suggested by
> Subbuji and upanayana. Some good is better than none! svalpamapyasya
> dharmasya trAyate mahato bhayAt. Let's not go on assumptions as to whether
> the vaTu will do sandhyA or not, since in the same family, people are
> tangentially different when it comes to religious matters, or for that
> matter anything else. Another option is to ask him to approach his
> kulaguru/ maThAdipati for advice.
> Elsewhere, it is said that a kula that has not done gAyatri japa for three
> generations loses to be a brAhmaNakula [perhaps, for ever]. With that in
> mind, all must be encouraged to do what they should be doing. Please note
> that gAyatri mantra has the word "naH" which is a plural and even when done
> by the vaTu would ask for the right buddhi not only for himself, but for
> the entire family.
> Prior to japa, its preferable that your friend change his yajnopavita and
> does the saMkalpa.
> gurupAdukAbhyAm,
> --praveen
> On 26 Dec 2016 8:51 am, "Durga Prasad Janaswamy via Advaita-l" <
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> >
> > My relative is performing upanayanam of his son in Feb 2017.
> > My relative does not do Sandhyavanadanam.
> > Should my relative do some Gayatri japa before actual upanayanam date? If
> > so, how many?
> >
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