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The founder Of Kurtallam peetham. Mounswami is a niyogi brahmana in
poorvasrama and decreed that only niyogi brahmins in poorvasrama are
eligible to mount the peetham.

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> Namaste,
> In andhraite brahmin community, there are 2 sects namely 1) vaidiki 2) niyogi brahmins.
> The former sect followed the vedic lineage, learnt vedas, shastras, smArta karma-s etc. The
> followed the vedic rituals and were employed in temples, mutts as archakAs, shAstra-paNDitAs
> etc.  Basically, they followed the tenets & principles as laid down in shruti & smriti.
> The later sect moved a bit away from vedic-way of life and took the occupations of
> village administration (karaNaM), revenue administration, secular jobs by studying english
> education etc.  They were also chiefly appointed by kings to take care of military activities,
> collection of tax etc.  This sect, even though possessed the brAhmaNa varchas, were
> more into administration (both village & revenue division) and overseeing of military.
> Hence, their surnames were annanraju, yellamraju, machiraju, sattiraju, nandiraju etc.
> They were not allowed to sit along with siSTa-vaidikAs for bhojana ie., saha-pankti-bhojana
> was not allowed for them with siSTa brAhmaNAs.   Inter-community alliances were not
> encouraged between vaidika & niyogi Brahmins.
> Taking this as a grudge, a niyogi community in andhra, studied the vedas & shastras
> thoroughly and mastered shrauta prayogas.  A great scholar of niyogi community
> by name "nandiraju lakshminarayana" performed "soma-yaga" and got the
> accolades from vaidika community and got the name changed as “deekshitulu” & “somayaji”.
> Further, Andhra niyogi community has produced two great rAma-bhaktas namely
> Vavilakolanu Subba Rao Garu (Andhra valmiki fame) and other being Kancharla Gopanna
> (bhakta Ramadas fame).
> Regs,
> Sriram
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