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Dear Subramanianji,

Thank you very much for your wonderful clarifications. I don't know
Kannada. But from the title of the first Kannada book 'Akshobya Vijaya
Vibhrama' referred to by you, I get a feeling the story about the victory
of Akshobhya Theertha over Swami Vidyaranya in a debate is an illusion. Can
you confirm this please?

One more request from my side. I am generally aware of the tenets of
advaita vedanta. But when it comes to discussions on Shankara and
post-shankara advaita and the differences between the two, I am lost. More
specifically my questions are

1. In what ways are Bhamati and Vivarana schools different from original
Shankara Vedanta and from each other?
2. Did the differences arise after the period of the 4 direct disciples of
Shankara or the direct disciples themselves deviated from Shankara in
important ways?

You may also refer me if possible to good books, if any, on the subject.

My pranams to you,

> >
> >    2) And also,he said vidhyaranya got defeated by akshobhya theertha in
> > vakhyartha of "tat tvam asi"...
> >
> > In respect of that, vidhyaranya installed a vijaya sthamba in mulibagilu
> > for respecting akshobhya theertha...
> >
> > Weather it is true that  vidhyaranaya got defeated by akshobhya theertha
> > for  vakhyartha of tat tvam asi?
> >
> > Or it is just dvaithi's crooked up story for down grading other
> philosophy
> > acharyas?
> >
> To get a good idea about the above please read the three Kannada books of
> Sri G.R.Patil of Dharwad:
> 1. Akshobhya vijaya vibhrama
> 2. Vidyaranya vishayaka ākṣepa nirāsa
> 3. Sri Vidyaranya Vijaya Dundubhi
> The first two books are out of stock/print.  You may request the author
> personally. The last one is available in Bangalore at Vidya Bharati Press,
> Shankara Maṭha Road.
> regards
> vs

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