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> Namaskara,
> 1)      Madhvas are very famous for loose talk and they always down grade
> other philosophy and its acharyas.
> When talking about this with a famous madhva pandith,he said not only we
> madhvas ,advaithis also down grade madhvas.
> He said vidhyaranya called madhvachrya as madhu named devil. Which comes in
> soura purana.
> Weather it is true?
> Weather vidhyaranya called madhva as madhu named devil?
> If so,where ? in which book?
> Please reply ,so that  I can answer him...

To my knowledge Sri Vidyaranya has not said anything like that.  In fact in
the Sarvadarshana sangraha the Madhva system is presented as 'Poornaprajna

>    2) And also,he said vidhyaranya got defeated by akshobhya theertha in
> vakhyartha of "tat tvam asi"...
> In respect of that, vidhyaranya installed a vijaya sthamba in mulibagilu
> for respecting akshobhya theertha...
> Weather it is true that  vidhyaranaya got defeated by akshobhya theertha
> for  vakhyartha of tat tvam asi?
> Or it is just dvaithi's crooked up story for down grading other philosophy
> acharyas?

To get a good idea about the above please read the three Kannada books of
Sri G.R.Patil of Dharwad:

1. Akshobhya vijaya vibhrama

2. Vidyaranya vishayaka ākṣepa nirāsa

3. Sri Vidyaranya Vijaya Dundubhi

The first two books are out of stock/print.  You may request the author
personally. The last one is available in Bangalore at Vidya Bharati Press,
Shankara Maṭha Road.


> regards,
> Harsha Bhat
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