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Sri Srinivasa murthy wrote

 May I request the members to explain what moksha is in Sri Shankara's own

 The quickest way to look for an answer is to refer to the anubandha
chatushtaya portion of the Bhashyams on the Upanishads as Moksha is
considered to be the prayojana for Brahma Vidya. . The one in Kathopanishat
is somewhat elaborate and is often quoted while discussing the meaning of
the term Upanishad. Here is what Sri Bhagavatpada observes in this work
concerning prayojanam ( Moksha )

 *प्रयोजनं चास्या आत्यन्तिकी संसारनिवृत्तिर्ब्रह्मप्राप्तिलक्षणा । * (
prayojanam chasya aatyantiki samsaranivrittibrahmapraptilakshana ).

 Roughly translated as The prayojanam for this ( Upanishad ) is elimination
of Samsara in entirety in the form of Brahmaprapti.

 Ofcourse to understand the correct import of each one of these words one
needs to put in a herculean effort through study of the Bhashyam in detail
!!!!! Other members have also provided some inputs in this regard in this

 Just as additional piece of information the same definition of Moksha has
been elaborated upon in Panchadashi by Swami Vidyaranya ( chapter 7 ) and
in Vichara Sagara by Sadhu Nishcaladas ( hindi ) translated into sanskrit
by Swami Vasudeva Brahmendra Saraswati wherein Brahmaprapti in the above
definition by Sri Bhagavatpada is presented as Purnanandaprapti. Those
interested in gaining an insight into this definition quickly and easily
may like to refer to these two works. As a further bit of information Swami
Paramarthananda is currently giving weekly talks on Vichara Sagara and is
at the stage where he will probably be covering this subject in the next
2-3 talks. Those interested may like to utilize the opportunity.


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>  Respected Scholars of this group,
> May I request the members to explain what moksha is in Sri Shankara's own
> words.Thanking you,With warm and respectful regards,Sreenivasa Murthy
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