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Dear Friends,                i tried to put to elaborate moksha based on shankara's works.
Moksha,or Liberation, is the ultimate goal of every individual. Moksha is theexperience of  realization that the individual self is the same as theUniversal Supreme Self. It is an expansion of individual consciousness into theUniversal consciousness. Every individual soul has their own unique path ofevolution. This is a path that one chooses to gain the necessary experiencesand to repay the karmic debts. One's birth ends with the death of the body, butthe soul has accumulated karmas. The soul takes birth as a differentpersonality and starts with the karmic balance that was accumulated andinstead of bringing the karmic balance to zero, more actions are performed,increasing one's ties to the material world.Mokshais being liberated from all bondages what ever you call or name it. Moksha is about transcending thisseemingly endless cycle of birth and death. It is about preventing a soul fromtaking birth on this earth within this cycle. If one is bound, howcan they be free? One can be bound either by a golden chain (good karmas) or a rustedchain (bad karmas), either way one is still bound.The seers and sages in manytraditions have shown paths for people to follow so that they can evolvethemselves into perfected souls, in this lifetime. They have given us theframeworks which give broad guidelines to people for walking the path toMoksha. 

All that we see outwardly, the mountains, the valleys, the love,Happiness and the sufferings, all of this is a reflection of what is within us,the inner world is deeper still, for it includes all which we see and all whichis unseen.  Along the path to liberation, the journey into the inner-Self,there are countless pitfalls. There are steeper mountains to climb and moredangerous roads to travel. These downfalls come from the two biggest enemies toself-realization, the mind and the ego, and they are constantly present. Justas we need directions to get from where we are, to where we are going in theexternal world, we too need directions to navigate the path,Trying to navigatealone can create complete disillusionment within a seeker. However, the presenceof a true Guru sheds light on these difficulties. The Guru takes on the role ofmaking the disciple see both the outward and inward downfalls and how to avoidthem or face off. That is the true Grace of the Guru krupa.
with regardsKameswara

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  Respected Scholars of this group,
May I request the members to explain what moksha is in Sri Shankara's own words.Thanking you,With warm and respectful regards,Sreenivasa Murthy
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