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> >Other member quoted shatapatha brAhmaNa identifying Manyu with Rudra. Here
> >too, quoted brAhmaNa vAkya will not be rendered apramANa if one does
> >samanvaya with other pramAna quoted elsewhere in Shruti  -- asya devasya
> >mILhuSo vayA viSNoreSasya prabhRthe havirbhiH vide hi ***rudro rudriyaM***
> >mahitvaM yAsiSTaM vartirashvinAvirAvat (Rig vEda 7.40.5) , which clearly
> >establishes the fact that Rudra's power is due to Vishnu (nArasiMha rUpI
> >Vishnu). This sentiment is generally  reflected in another Upansihad vAkya
> >-- AkAshAt patitam tOyaM yathA gachChati sAgaraM sarva dEva namaskAraH
> >kEshavaM pratigachChati.
> A Yajna-centric interpretation of brAhmaNa and saMhita vAkyas allows
> no hierarchy to be established
> among the Vedic deities, because there are no such nIcha and uchcha
> roles played by
> deities in a Yajna. Wherever a hierarchy is read by some, as in this
> case and in the aitareya brAhmaNa vAkya
> agnirvai devAnAmavamo viShNuH paramaH, it can be explained from
> Yajna-centric point of view as expressing
> a sequence in the Yajna process rather than a hierarchy. There is
> absolutely no scope for a hierarchy of deities to be established in a
> Yajna.
But yagna itself is not final purushArtha for any shades of vEdAntins

As you already know, dvaitins hold three view -- aadi-bhoutika,
aadi-dhaivIka and adhyAtmika

Yajna-centric view is aadhi-dhavIka view. It does not mean that they negate
the phala granting powers of yajna deities, nor they look upon these
deities as useless or to avoid worship. After all,  Parabrahman has granted
such powers (of giving yajna phala etc ) to such deities and He is very
much vested in them. Who are we mortals to override it? Dvaitins do worship
all deities per dictum 'parivArayatha grahyaM, sarvottamatvya agrahyaM".
Where as adhyAtmika view of seeing these vEdic texts is altogether superior
one as the phala itself is of superior nature. That too, there exist
explicit niravakASha vAkyas which clearly establishes the source of such
powers to other yagna deities.


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