[Advaita-l] manyu-sUktaM - as per dvaita siddhAnta

Anand Hudli anandhudli at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 12 23:47:53 CDT 2015

>Other member quoted shatapatha brAhmaNa identifying Manyu with Rudra. Here
>too, quoted brAhmaNa vAkya will not be rendered apramANa if one does
>samanvaya with other pramAna quoted elsewhere in Shruti  -- asya devasya
>mILhuSo vayA viSNoreSasya prabhRthe havirbhiH vide hi ***rudro rudriyaM***
>mahitvaM yAsiSTaM vartirashvinAvirAvat (Rig vEda 7.40.5) , which clearly
>establishes the fact that Rudra's power is due to Vishnu (nArasiMha rUpI
>Vishnu). This sentiment is generally  reflected in another Upansihad vAkya
>-- AkAshAt patitam tOyaM yathA gachChati sAgaraM sarva dEva namaskAraH
>kEshavaM pratigachChati.

A Yajna-centric interpretation of brAhmaNa and saMhita vAkyas allows
no hierarchy to be established
among the Vedic deities, because there are no such nIcha and uchcha
roles played by
deities in a Yajna. Wherever a hierarchy is read by some, as in this
case and in the aitareya brAhmaNa vAkya
agnirvai devAnAmavamo viShNuH paramaH, it can be explained from
Yajna-centric point of view as expressing
a sequence in the Yajna process rather than a hierarchy. There is
absolutely no scope for a hierarchy of deities to be established in a


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