[Advaita-l] Difficulty with Akhandakara Vrtti

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> Namaste
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>>> Namaste
>>> Did not understand the following expression :
>>> > aparoxa of ghaTA
>>> isn't ghaTA pratyakSa jnAna ?
>>>> do  you want to say that ghaTa-GYAna is only paroxa ?
>>>> ​then many here will be able to answer you..
>> if not, then tell clearly what you meant by this so that i could reply.
> Understanding is that ..
> 1. ghaTa-jnAna gives the knowledge of the vastu ( ghaTa) ,

​Seriously!! ghaTaGYAna *gives *knowledge!!??
It should be understood that ghaTaGYAna is knowledge of ghaTa, so it can't
give itself.

> but not the knowledge of vastu's svarUpa,

​In realm of vyavahAra, ghaTa is vastu. So, ghaTaGYAna reveals vastu.
Why do you expect ghaTaGYAna to reveal vastu-svarUpa, which is brahman in
That will make ghaTaGYAna similar to brahmaGYAna!!

> whereas, jnAna of pratyagAtma is svarUpa jnAna (abhEda),   ...
> 2. the knower of the vastu remains different from the vastu (ghaTa)..each
> has its identity..so, did not follow the derivation that ghaTa jnana is
> akhanda..

​Not like that.​

​Let me ask you, what do you mean by knower remains different from ghaTa?
According to vedAntin-s, ghaTa becomes pratyaxa only when it becomes one
with you, although such oneness of pramAtRprameyachainaya-s is not accepted
as cause of liberation. Please, check vedAnta-paribhAShA for clarity.
So, even ghaTapratyaxa is no different in that sense from brahmaGYAna.

Add to it that, although brahman is not fala-vyApya, it is accepted as
vRtti-vyApya, and hence it's knowledge causes similar expression as 'I know
brahman'. If it doesn't then you are accepting that GYAnI doesn't know that
he knows brahman.
The expression that brahman can't be said to be known, just means that
brahman can't be said to be illumined by others.

So, there is no difference.

All vRttti-GYAna-s are sakhaNDa in the sense you and others are talking.
And, the brahman, which is pure knowledge/consciousness, although akhaNDa
is not aGYAna-virodhI. So, you can't say that ghaTa-GYAna is vRtti-rUpa and
hence skhaNDa, but brahmaGYAna is one with brahman and hence akhaNDa, too.

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