[Advaita-l] Dvaita Vaada - Vadiraja Teertha's Nyayaratnavali Slokas 77-81 Mulavidya and Tulavidya

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> Advaiti response -
> Therefore the Pot Illusion is not destroyed before मूलाविद्या नाश
> happens. This answer may not be appealing to Holenarsipur Swami's
> followers. They do not believe in मूलाविद्या and तूलाविद्या. They can
> give a different answer to the Dvaitis if interested.

Every jiva requires two types of jnāna - vyavahāra jnāna and svarūpa jnāna.
The pramāṇas like pratyakṣa, anumāna and śabda are required for obtaining
both the above types of jnāna.  By securing vyavahara jnāna (to dispel
ajnana about vyavahara/vyavahara objects, disciplines like physics, maths,
vyākarana and even vedānta) vyavahāra viṣayaka ajnāna is dispelled.  By
securing svarupa jnāna, the appropriate means and method of applying the
pramanas, the svarupaviṣayaka ajnāna is dispelled.

vyavahāra jnānena vyavahārasiddhiḥ, svarūpa jnānena mokṣasiddhiḥ.

Thereby without employing the terms mūla and tūla avidyā we can explain the


> Commentary - Vaadiraaja runs up to the batsman saying 'The next ball
> will make your wife a widow'. He bowls a bouncer sharply rising from
> the pitch and in line with the batsman's body. But the batsman quickly
> moves out of the way and hooks it over deep fine leg for another six.
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