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Order recommended by Pujya Swami Dayananda Sararwati includes drik dishya viveka, Ram gita and aporokshasanubhuti as advanced prakrna granthas

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> PraNAms
> The prakarana granthas also depend on the adhikaari.
> The order recommended by Swami Paramarthanandaji also starts with  Tatva bodha - since many definition of the terms are provided to have clear understanding of the terms when one studies other Advaita Vedanta texts.
> Bhagavat geeta is for everybody since it is both yoga shastra and brahmavidya - Karma and upasana yoga is very important for the beginners since they prepare for jnana yoga. 
> Atmabodha and Viveka chudamani contains the essence of upanishads - hence it is important at the stage to have the study of some upanishads under a teacher after one has gone through Bhagavat geeta.
> Swamiji recommends study of Bhagavat geeta again after studying Upanishads 
> At that time one can also study the some of the more advanced prakarana granthaas like Dakshinamuurhty slokas etc.
> Study will never end - as one abides in the knowledge, study itself provides a means to abide in the knowledge. 
> My 2c
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
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> Dear Sri Nath
> Namaste.
> The order that I wrote
> about is what I heard of as being followed in my family and
> guru paramparaa. The order might vary depending on
> adhikaarabheda, sampradaayabheda etc. Otherwise, where is
> the need for prakaraNagranthas to be composed? The Guru is
> the ideal person to evaluate a saadhaka and recommend the
> path to be followed and his guidance is Final.  
> न गुरोरधिकं न
> गुरोरधिकम् 
> RegardsN.
> Siva Senani
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> Dear Sri
> Nori,
> I thought Swami
> Paramarthananda's recommended order was Bhagvad Gita as
> being the equivalent of Bachelors degree,  Upanishads of
> Masters degree, and Brahma Sutra was the PhD equivalent, in
> one of his audio lectures.  
> Warm regards,
> Sanju Nath
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