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The prakarana granthas also depend on the adhikaari.

The order recommended by Swami Paramarthanandaji also starts with  Tatva bodha - since many definition of the terms are provided to have clear understanding of the terms when one studies other Advaita Vedanta texts.

Bhagavat geeta is for everybody since it is both yoga shastra and brahmavidya - Karma and upasana yoga is very important for the beginners since they prepare for jnana yoga. 

Atmabodha and Viveka chudamani contains the essence of upanishads - hence it is important at the stage to have the study of some upanishads under a teacher after one has gone through Bhagavat geeta.

Swamiji recommends study of Bhagavat geeta again after studying Upanishads 

At that time one can also study the some of the more advanced prakarana granthaas like Dakshinamuurhty slokas etc.
Study will never end - as one abides in the knowledge, study itself provides a means to abide in the knowledge. 

My 2c
Hari Om!

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 Dear Sri Nath
 The order that I wrote
 about is what I heard of as being followed in my family and
 guru paramparaa. The order might vary depending on
 adhikaarabheda, sampradaayabheda etc. Otherwise, where is
 the need for prakaraNagranthas to be composed? The Guru is
 the ideal person to evaluate a saadhaka and recommend the
 path to be followed and his guidance is Final.  
 न गुरोरधिकं न
 Siva Senani
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 Dear Sri
 I thought Swami
 Paramarthananda's recommended order was Bhagvad Gita as
 being the equivalent of Bachelors degree,  Upanishads of
 Masters degree, and Brahma Sutra was the PhD equivalent, in
 one of his audio lectures.  
 Warm regards,
 Sanju Nath

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