[Advaita-l] Weather vedas are considered as false in ultimate reality?

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Anything other than Brahman is mithyaa. Chandogya upanishad describes sad vidya  Vedas also part of transactional reality since pure sat chit ananda alone is ekam eva adviteeyam - one without a second - no sajaati, vijaati swagata bhedas. 

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 Subject: [Advaita-l] Weather vedas are considered as false in ultimate	reality?
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            Weather in any
 upanishad or
 vedas ,they say vedas as "Aveda"?.
 What is the pramana to say that vedas are false in ultimate
 For that one advaitha pandith gave me a vakhya "Vedaha
 Avedaha"...and he
 says that this vakhya is from veda only...which says vedas
 are false in
 ultimate reality.
 Weather this vakhya is really present in any veda
 Can any learned scholar tell in which veda (Upanishad)..the
 vakhya "vedaha
 avedhaha"..is present...and also tell me the meaning of this
 verse ,if this
 vakhya really exists...
 Harsha Bhat
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