[Advaita-l] Weather vedas are considered as false in ultimate reality?

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The quoted sentence does not mean that Vedas are false ultimately. It is that Vedas have a specific purpose - to teach Brahman, and once that object is accomplished, they do not apply any longer.
The sentence referred by you occurs in Br. Up. 4.3.22. This is also quoted in the Bhashya on Bramhasutra 4.1.3. (वेदाः अवेदाः इति वचनात् इष्यते एव अस्माभिः श्रुतेः अपि अभावः प्रबोधे - due to the Sruti vaakya "vedAH avedAH", absence of Sruti is indeed desired by us in the state of enlightenment). 
In Adhyaasabhaashya, Bhagavatpada says अविद्यावद्विषयाणि एव प्रत्यक्षादीनि प्रमाणानि शास्त्राणि च (All pramanas like perception (pratyaksha) and Sastras (including Vedas) are subject to avidyaa). So, once avidyaa is removed those dependent on it, such as pramaanas (there is no difference amongst pramaatR, prameya, pramA and pramANa in the paaramaarthika view) and Saastras (which is the main pramaaNa in knowing Brahman) also dissolve into Brahman.
It is well known that Sannyaasins are not bound to perform any Vedic ritual - that is why they remove their Yajnopavitam. Whether they be enlightened or not, the intent is to reach a plane which is beyond Veda. However they do not ever say that Vedas are false ultimately.
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                                          Weather in any upanishad or
vedas ,they say vedas as "Aveda"?.
What is the pramana to say that vedas are false in ultimate reality?

For that one advaitha pandith gave me a vakhya "Vedaha Avedaha"...and he
says that this vakhya is from veda only...which says vedas are false in
ultimate reality.

Weather this vakhya is really present in any veda (upanishad)?

Can any learned scholar tell in which veda (Upanishad)..the vakhya "vedaha
avedhaha"..is present...and also tell me the meaning of this verse ,if this
vakhya really exists...

Harsha Bhat
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