[Advaita-l] ***UNCHECKED*** avidyA and adhisthAnA

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Mon Jul 27 22:43:29 CDT 2015

Hari Om,
avidyA  and  adhisthAnA
1. Bhagawan Sankaracharya's Bhashya on 7th mantra of Mandukya Upanishad: 
i. An instrument of knowledge fulfills its purpose by removing the darkness of ignorance from its object. 
The revelation comes pari passu, as a matter of course. 
ii. If the instrument of knowledge is supposed to serve the additional purpose of adding a fresh feature, 
like revelation, to its object, then one may as well argue that the cutting of wood aims not only at
 removing the adhesion of the two parts, but also at adding something to either of the two parts.
2. At some other places we see that :
"avidyA  is destroyed only on realization of Brahman."
To me (1) and (2) appear contradictory.
(1) says first remove avidyA  then realization happens automatically.
(2) says first realize Brahman then only avidyA can be destroyed.

Please tell  how we should view the above.
Thank you and regards
-- durga prasad


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