[Advaita-l] what is in the name?

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Sat Jul 25 05:04:49 CDT 2015

I believe Sri Ramana did not see any need to formally take up sanyAsA and
refused to do so, despite several suggestions from various mathAdhipatis,
so the question of yoga patta doesn't rise.

In the case of Shankara BhagavatpAda, my understanding from legend is that
he took up Apat  SanyAsA after seeking permission from his mother at the
age of 8, in the episode of the crocodile in the river. I am not aware of
Sri Govinda BhagavatpAda giving him a sanyAsAshrama name, perhaps because
(this is only my speculation) Shankara was already technically a sanyAsi
when he met his guru.

The dasanAmI sampradAyA was organized by Shankara himself, which probably
explains why he doesn't have a bhArati, tIrtha, vanA, etc in his sanyAsA

In any case, as was rightly pointed out earlier, what is in a name?

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> Namaste,
> /////
> That I think could be the reason why Adi Shankara's
> name was not changed after initiation
> ////
> There are exceptional cases in modern times also.
> Bhagavan Ramana doesn't have any yOga-paTTa but
> is respected and held in high esteem by all the AchAryAs
> of sringeri.
> However, it shouldn't be taken as either way.  One shouldn't move away
> from tradition and achAra.
> regs,
> sriram
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